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St Michael, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales

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The first St Michael's Church was opened in 1787, and was situated to the west of the Assembly Rooms. It is described as a small building that had taken 20 years to build. This was was replaced by a large, cruciform building of 1829-33 by Edward Haycock, of which the west vestry survives roofless, some 40m south-west of the present church. The existing large and prosperous late-Victorian building is of 1889-90 by R. Nicolson of Hereford. It is constructed of Yorkshire stone with Bromsgrove dressings and Westmorland green slates, in English Decorated style (old fashioned for its date, and that makes few concessions to Wales.

Hundreds of old gravestones have been tastefully re-sited around attractive gardens.


Evan was a Shoemaker.

".. who was lost at sea, on his passage from Carnarvon to Ryde..".

Roderick was a Shipwright.

Henry was a Diamond Cutter.

David was a Gardener.

Edward was a Shoe Maker.

Anne Davies is identified both as a Widow and as a Relict of the late John Davies.

Richard was a Solicitor.

Edward was a Bridge Builder.

James was a Shoemaker.

William was a Glazier.

William was a Painter.

Aged 103 and dying in 1818 is a very unusual combination.

Richard was a Draper.

Thomas was a Shipwright.

David was a Horsler

John was a Plumber, Painter and Glazier.

Owen was an Ironmonger.

Evan was a Tinman.

All four sides of this memorial were of interest to a Social Historian.

Eliza was a Teacher at the Tabernacle Sunday School for 50 years.

Robert seems to have fathered children over many years. His son Robert was born in 1827 and his daughter Mary Jeenetta was born 30 years later.

Three grandchildren of Roberts are remembered on this face of the memorial.

Robert was the Founder of the first Sabbath School in Aberystwyth.

David Lewis had an alias - "The Old Commodore". He fought under Nelson at the famous Battle of Trafalgar.

James Williams "... met his untimely death by a shot fired from a French war vessel off Belle Isle, Bay of Biscay,...".

Thomas was a Banker.

J Hughes was the Incumbent of this Chapelry.

Richard was a Tailor.

George was a Joiner.

George was a Jeweller.

Richard was a Rope Maker.

Evan was a Blockmaker.

William was a Shoemaker.

Henry was a Letter Carrier.

John Rowlands was a Surgeon. Four of his children died in their infancy.

Four examples of the magnificant stained glass within the church. The east window and north aisle east window are both of 1889, by A. O. Hemming, in the strong colours of Clayton and Bell. The later south aisle windows are of 1903, also by Hemming.

Claire Christine Nicholson and Martin Piers Nicholson - Ticklerton (Shropshire) and Daventry (Northhamptonshire), United Kingdom.

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