Martin Nicholson's Cemetery Project

Barnsley Cemetery, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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We visited this cemetery because of family links to Barnsley, and were very pleased with how well the whole of the very large cemetery was kept. We were shocked at how dangerous the mining industry used to be.

There was a small area of the cemetery set aside for stillborn and neonatal babies. The whole area reflects great credit on all involved in the project.

"Missing somewhere in France".

Killed during a National Service demonstration in 1939.

Drowned in the Mediterranean Sea during the Great War.

Aged 103.

Aged 102.

Aged 102.

Aged 101.

Aged 103.

Killed at the Penistone Steel Works in 1922.

We like memorials that give the professions of the different family members - in this case Engine Driver, Headmaster and Schoolteacher.

Robert and Ann Ellam lost three children in 1884.

Charles and Catherine Dunk lost one child in the Oaks Colliery explosion of 1866 and four grandchildren didn't reach their 5th birthdays.

Drowned aged 12.

John and Bridget Levins lost four children in their infancy and their married daughter Teresa died aged 20. None of Teresa's three children survived to see their fourth birthday.

Frank Cutts died of Malaria in Sunderland in 1918.

Richard Collins died on his way to Australia and was "buried in the Indian Ocean".

Accidentally killed at Monk Bretton Station in 1909.

"Died from enemy action on the Clyde".

Harry Watson Robinson died from Enteric Fever in 1916.

Harry Atkinson died of Pneumonia in Bulgaria in 1918.

It looks as if the monumental mason had to re-engrave the surname Musgrave.

Barzillai is a Christian name I haven't seen before.

Henry Howarth was "killed by the dreadful explosion at a fireworks manufactory at Barnsley ..."

The grave of an old soldier that gives details of his military service.

George Haigh was "accidentally gassed at the Barrow Chemical Works".

Harold Treece was killed at the Beevor Bobbin Works in 1939. He was aged 15.

Winifred Cousins was killed "in the Public Hall disaster" of January 1908. She was aged 7.

Charlotte Norton (6) died in the same disaster. A total of 16 children, all under the age of 10, were killed.

The beloved mother of 16 children.

Fred Darby was killed by an aeroplane in Barnsley in May 1918. He was aged 8.


Barnsley Main Colliery Explosions of 1942 and 1947

George Martin, aged 54.

William Peake, aged 46.

Oaks Colliery Explosion of 1866

George Addy, aged 33.

Thomas Schofield, aged 19.

John Smith who was a member of the rescue party after the explosion. He was aged 36.

Four members of the same extended family were killed in the explosion. Matthew (14), Matthew (16), William (17) and Robert (36).

William Wright, aged 60.

Thomas Barker, aged 26.

David Simpson, aged 37.

Five brothers, aged between 17 and 32, who died in the explosion.

John Coughlan, aged 22.

Swaithe Main Colliery Explosion of 1875

143 men and boys were killed in this explosion

George Slater, aged 21.

William Buckley, aged 33 and George Phillipson, aged 30

James Timperley, aged 64.

Thomas Beevers (Underground Deputy), aged 47.

James Denton, aged 32.

Wharncliffe Carlton Colliery Explosion of 1883 and the Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery Explosion of 1936

Twenty maintenance men working on the night-shift died in the 1883 gas explosion.

Henry Fisher, aged 50.

William Fisher, aged 46.

George Thompson, aged 63.

The 1936 disaster was caused by an explosion of gas from the Lidgett Seam on the morning of 6 August. A total of 58 people died

Arthur Bird, aged 36.


Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery - 1936

Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery - 1927

Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery - 1936

Haigh Colliery - 1960

Barnsley Main Colliery - 1960

Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery - 1936

Barnsley Main Colliery - 1947

Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery - 1936

Barrow Colliery - 1932 and Woolley Colliery - 1935

Kendal Green Colliery - 1914

Grimethorpe Colliery - 1911

Barnsley Main Colliery - 1903

Barrow Colliery - 1909

Church Lane Colliery - 1935

Barnsley Main Colliery - 1947

Barnsley Main Colliery - 1913

Wharncliffe Carlton Colliery - 1883

Darton Colliery - 1941

Old Silkstone Colliery - 1908

Woolley Colliery - 1932

Monk Bretton Colliery - 1901

Carlton Main Colliery - 1900

Monk Bretton Colliery - 1901

Silkstone Colliery - 1936

Woolley Colliery - 1929

Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery - 1936


Assistant Inspector of Weights and Measures.

Basket Maker.

Shuttle Maker.

Painter and Decorator.

Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Salt Merchant.

Painter and Gilder.

The Burial Board of the Barnsley Cemetery.

Sanitary Inspector.

Barnsley Gas Company.


General and Corresponding Secretary of the Yorkshire Miners Association.

Leather Dresser.

A member of the committee that selected the site for the cemetery.

Veterinary Surgeon.


Water Rate Collector.

Monumental Mason.

Iron Founder.


Certified Colliery Manager.

Glass Manufacturer.


Cabinet Maker.

Linen Manufacturer.

Martin Nicholson - Shropshire, United Kingdom.

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