Martin Nicholson's Cemetery Project

Burton Latimer Cemetery, Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire.

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This cemetery looked quite small from the entrance but stretched further back than was obvious at first sight.

Aged 100.

J. I. Tailby served in the Women's Auxillary Air Force.

C. H. Durrant served on the SS Empire Addison a 7,010 ton steamship which was built in 1941 for the Ministry of War Transport.

Andy Bryan was, like me, a fan of the group Pink Floyd.

"A nice cup of tea, please!"

Aged 101.

Aged 100.

Although Liliana Patterson is listed as being aged 71 years when she died the dates on the stone show she was in fact 70!

Aged 100.

Martin Nicholson - Daventry, United Kingdom.

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