Martin Nicholson's Cemetery Project

Brosley Cemetery, Broseley, Shropshire

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This was the first time that we have been forced to abandon a visit due to rain. It got so wet that we went home and returned two days later to complete the survey.

A memorial in the form of a mosaic. This must have been a very time consuming to make given the small size of each tessera.

Future generations of family historians will be disappointed that more complete information on the dates of birth and death have not been provided.

Druscilla is a most unusual first name.

William Rose Barnett is also listed on the Coalbrookdale War Memorial.

Aged 102. If you had the surname Edwards would you call your son Edward!

A married couple who died on the same day.

Aged 100.

An unusual but highly effective design.

Aged 100.

Martin Nicholson - Shropshire, UK

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