Martin Nicholson's Cemetery Project

Danescourt Cemetery, Woverhampton, West Midlands

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We visited here on a sunny Remembrance Sunday. It was quite busy with other visitors.

Aged 101.

This was a particularly nice scene on the memorial. I think it is Cardigan Bay in west Wales.

"I could have made this with a bit of wood".

The right-hand foal has lost half of its body.

"A legacy that no one can fulfil" doesn't make sense.

Aged 101.

Married for 71 years.

I don't remember seeing a memorial that showed the deceased's medals before.

The wife died aged 99 and her husband died aged 100. This is a most unusual combination.

Claire and I like memorials that tell the reader something about the deceased. A survivor of a Siberian slave labour camp is an unusual find to make in Wolverhampton.

Rose must have smiled a wry smile when she married Mr Plant and so became Mrs Rose Plant.

Aged 100.

Aged 101.

Aged 101.

Cecil Clement Bianchi was a pioneer in the motor car industry. He lived in the same road in Wolverhampton as Claire.

Aged 100.

Aged 105.

Aged 100.

Martin Nicholson - Daventry, United Kingdom.

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