Martin Nicholson's Cemetery Project

Gloucester Crematorium and Cemetery, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

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A general view.

Aged 100.

A mother and her young son died on the same day.

Why initials rather than full names?

J. Smith died on board HMS Courageous in 1939.

How often do you see a picture of a pipe on a memorial?

An unusual design showing a fairground carousel.

Two siblings who both died tragically - but in separate accidents.

Walter was a Corps Superintendent in the St John Ambulance Brigade.

A homophone error we hadn't seen before.

"... gifted with a rare mastery of the simple things in life."

Aged 102.

"... a dear fiancee of 14 years."

Twins who died 43 years apart.

Aged 101.

A bi-lingual English/Ukrainian memorial.

Mary was a District Nurse.

"Fatally injured while on war work".

A mother, father and infant son fatally injured on the same day.

Johanna died in a car accident.

A moving poem about family bonds.

Can you see what has been missed out of the inscription?

Mary was "interred elsewhere".

Arthur was Past President of the Showmans Guild.

Ernest died while a prisoner of war in Germany.

An unusual sub-section of the Children's Cemetery.

The Jewish Cemetery had been relocated to this site.

An angel remembers two young siblings - 2 and 3 1/2.

Aged 101.

Can you see an, unfortunate, spelling mistake!

A wonderful example.of wrought iron.

A Sailor married a Wren.

Aged 100.

"Peck have a pint on us".

"Reunited with his faithful dog "Candy"".

Aged 102.

"Not a saint - more a fast-tracking angel".

Darius Sorab Cama - better known as "Father Frank".

Stefan was a .

"Architect of our eternal family".

We missed U - only our second example of "text speak".

"Rhetorically expressed".

An unusual design featuring a double bass.

The citation for his medal is reported on the reverse of his memorial.

Aged 100.

Three general views.

Claire Christine Nicholson and Martin Piers Nicholson - Ticklerton (Shropshire) and Daventry (Northhamptonshire), United Kingdom.

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