Martin Nicholson's Cemetery Project

Kilmuir Cemetery, Trotternish, Isle of Skye

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We discovered this cemetery on a gloriously sunny day during our time on the Isle of Skye.

A lady who died at age 100 - actually the most common of the "automatic qualifiers for a photograph".

After aiding Bonnie Prince Charlie's escape from Skye, Flora was captured and taken to London. From 1747 to 1774 she lived on the island and after a spell in the USA she returned to Skye where she died in 1790.

This stone was incomplete because the mason didn't think he was going to be paid!

Killed by a boulder while climbing Ben Dearg

The grave of Angus Martin who was reputed to have stolen this stone from the grave of an early Scottish king.

Martin Nicholson - Daventry, United Kingdom.

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