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Barnsley Cemetery, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

John William Nicholson, born 26th April 1855, died 18th March 1906.

Elizabeth Nicholson (formerly Carroll), born 8th March 1858, died 23rd January 1929.

They were Martin's great-grandparents.

Also mentioned on this gravestone are Sidney Nicholson, who was killed on active service on 7th October 1916 and his sister Elizabeth Nicholson, who died from influenza, on 3rd November 1918. They were both siblings of Martin's grandfather, Ernest Carroll Nicholson.

Harriet Knee, born 1824, died 28th February 1881.

John Knee, born 1829, died 27th February 1886.

They were Martin's great great-grandparents.

Also mentioned on this gravestone are their son John Knee, born June 1862, died 12 October 1925 and Eliza Knee, born 1862, died 29th January 1936. They were Martin's great-grandparents.

Two children of John and Eliza are also mentioned. Florence Ida Cissy Knee (born 15th August 1890, died 11th May 1891) and John Roland Knee (born 13 April 1888, died 6th September 1892). Florence and John were siblings of Martin's grandmother, Gladys Irene Knee.

Martin is standing on the grave of James Nicholson (Block Q, plot 484), born 1829, died 27 June 1872. He was Martin's great-great-grandfather and the father of John William Nicholson who was shown earlier.

The records held by Barnsley Council show that this plot also holds David Nicholson, interred 31 March 1865, aged 10 months, and Harry Cockcroft, interred 24 May 1879, aged 10 months, and Tom Nicholson Cockcroft, interred 21 December 1890, aged 38.

In pencil in the records is the name Sarah Bailey.

Martin is standing on the grave of Patrick Carroll (Block P, plot 519), born 1825, died 10th January 1873. He was Martin's great-great-grandfather and the father of Elizabeth Carroll was was shown earlier.

Also interred here are John William Leyland, interred 9 July 1876, aged 6 weeks, and his brother Charles Leyland, interred 15 July 1876, aged 7 weeks. Their parents were Charles Leyland and Martha Leyland, daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth Carroll.

Also interred here is Elizabeth Carroll, interred here 18 June 1903, aged 76.

James Cockcroft, died 27th December 1875 aged 49. He may be related to Sarah Cockcroft who was Martin's great-great-grandmother, and married to James Nicholson. To the best of our knowledge he wasn't a sibling.

Martin Nicholson - Daventry, United Kingdom.

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