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Presteigne Cemetery, Presteigne, Herefordshire

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It must be almost unique for a town cemetery to be in a different country to the town it serves. Presteigne Cemetery is in England and Presteigne is in Wales.

Another example of "homophone trouble". Can you spot it?

Alan Traylor was killed on His Majesty's Service in 1959. "In September, 1959, the regiment was on an exercise on Luneburg Heath. During one movement I was driving my tank, 3B in pitch blackness. I was approaching a bridge which I could not see and was relying on the commander to keep me on course. Unfortunately, he didn't see the bridge either and the tank went over the side and landed upside down in the river below. Pete Vickers was the commander and Taffy Traylor was the wireless operator. Both were killed and the gunner and of course, myself got out with minor injuries."

Aged 101.

Sarah N Briggs (1887 - 1902) was "tragically shot".

Died "whilst on pilgrimage to the Holy Land".

Aged 102.

A Managing Clerk to a solicitor.

Martin Nicholson - Shropshire, United Kingdom.

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