The Raybould Graves Project

There are now 41 gravestones with the name Raybould.

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Bushbury Cemetery, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Ralph Raybould, 6th September 1896 to July 13th 1964.

Clara Raybould, 12th February 1895 to July 8th 1978.

These were Claire's paternal grandparents.

Ralph Douglas Raybould, 19th May 1923 to 31st March 1978.

Jean Raybould (née Wesley), died 17th December 2003.

Ralph and Jean were Claire's uncle and aunt. Uncle Ralph was the elder brother of her father Kenneth.

Sam Raybould, 7th January 1892 to 26th January 1972.

Maud Raybould (née Roberts), 15th March1891 to 28th June 1979.

Samuel was the elder brother of Claire's grandfather Ralph. The brothers grew up in Wolverhampton in Park Street South, and raised their own families in nearby roads.

Gladys Maud Cadman, (née Raybould), 7th August 1915 to 9th February 1971.

David Cadman, 1916 to 18th August 1991.

Sarah Ann Cadman, 1912 to 1994.

Gladys was the second daughter of Samuel and Maud Raybould, so she was a cousin of Claire's father. We have been very pleased to get in touch with Gladys' younger sister Joan Thorne recently after the death of another cousin, Eunice Raybould, in 2010. Eunice was the daughter of Samuel and Ralph's brother Joseph Leslie Raybould, who was born in 1904.

William R. Raybould, 1897 to 1973.

Alice Raybould, 1900 to 1978.

Holy Trinity, Belbroughton, Worcestershire

Joan Nancy Raybould, died 13th May 1989 aged 66

Frank Raybould, died 13th July 2004 aged 83.

Lawrence Charles Raybould, died 8th September 1964 aged 68.

Ada Raybould, died 3rd January 1987 aged 84.

John Raybould (their son), died 5th August 1999 aged 59.

Sarah Kate Raybould.

George A Raybould, died 22nd December 1983 aged 84.

Lucy Raybould, died 29th June 1988 aged 91.

Joan Raybould.

St Bartholomew, Tardebridge, Worcestershire

Marion Isabel Raybould, 28th July 1900 to 29th November 1983.

Frederick W G Raybould, 18th December 1899 to 4th February 1989.

St Leonard, Frankley, Worcestershire

Arthur Raybould, died July 13th 1928 aged 11.

George Edward Raybould, died March 19th 1949 aged 78.

Isabella Susannah Raybould, died April 16th 1961 aged 86.

Christ Church, Catshill, Worcestershire

John William Raybold, died 17th August 1979 aged 70.

St John the Baptist, Hagley, Worcestershire

Matthew Ian Raybould, died 10th July 1989 aged 17.

Bromsgrove Cemetery, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Trevor William Raybould, 25th May 1937 to 2nd May 2003. Aged 65.

Terence Arthur Raybould, 1923 to 2004.

St Mary, Habberley, Shropshire

Peter John Raybould, aged 49

Kingsland Cemetery, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Dorothy Ethel Raybould 9th August 1934 - 9th July 2002

Dennis Frank Raybould 9th September 1932 - 4th January 2010

Emstrey Crematorium, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Ken Raybould 25th June 1926 - 30th March 2010

Lye and Wollescote Cemetery, Lye, West Midlands

Martha Raybould 1903-1984

Frederick Arthur Raybould 1901-1985

Parents of Joan, Betty and Pat.

George Vernon Raybould, died 28 April 1989, age 70.

Margaret Raybould, died 18 Oct.1993.

George H. Raybould d. 3 Dec.1936 age 57

Elizabeth Raybould d. 30 May 1982 age 83

Sarah Jane Raybould d. 23 Oct.1925 age 43

Arthur Raybould d. 18 Feb.1958 age78

Parents of Marjorie Brenda Raybould d. 27 July1931 age 8

Benjamin Joseph Raybould d. 3 Aug.1930 age 43

Louisa Raybould

Parents of Winifred d. 13 April 1933 age 23

Edith Jane Raybould d. 27 July 1924 age 41

William Henry Raybould

Lizzie Raybould

John Thomas Raybould d. 6 Oct. 1954 age 64

Joyce Raybould d. 11 July 1999 age 77

Stuart Raybould d. 30 Sept. 1949 age 2

St James, Stirchley, Shropshire

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The grave of Tiffany Jane Raybould can be found in the cemetery - next to the hedge. It is our policy not to include pictures of the complete modern graves of children on this site and for that reason no picture has been included.

Stourbridge Cemetery, Worcestershire

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Kathleen Mabel Raybould d. 28 Dec. 1991 age 70

Leslie Macdonald Raybould d. 5 May 2001 age 76

Freda Raybould d. 9 March 2009 age 83

Joseph Eric Raybould d. 17 July 1993

William Raybould 28 Sept. 1944 - 24 July 1994

Martha Raybould 27 June 1904 - 29 Feb. 1996

Christ Church, Quarry Bank, West Midlands

Eli George Raybould d. Dec 29 1976 age 79

Charlotte Raybould d. Dec 5 1981 age 86

John Raymond Raybould d. July 7 1965 age 21

Raymond Raybould d. Nov 8 1963 age 44

Rachel Ann Davies (Raybould?) d. Feb 10 1991 age 72

Edwin Raybould d. Feb 24 1926 age 60

Ellen Raybould d. Dec 9 1952 age 84

Ruiton Congregational Church, Upper Gornal, West Midlands

James Raybould, husband of Sarah Elizabeth, d. Jan 28 1951 age 52

John Raybould d. April 18 1886 age 48

Hannah Raybould d. Feb 13 1891 age 55

St Bartholomew, Tong, Staffordshire

Ethel May Raybould, died 30th April 1968. Aged 66.

Pamela Raybould, died 11th November 2011. Aged 74.

St Saviour, Thurlstone, South Yorkshire

William Bert Raybould, died 30th June 1987. Aged 71

Joyce Raybould, died 28th March 2004. Aged 80.

Amington Cemetery, Tamworth, Staffordshire

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William Raybould, died 19th April 1995. Aged 75.

Muriel Raybould. died 26th July 2006. Aged 83

The Abbott and Gyford Graves Project

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In this section of the website we have placed pictures of graves of Claire's ancestors on her maternal side. Her grandfather Ernest William Abbott Smith was the son of Ellen Annie Gyford Abbott, and she was the daughter of Edward Abbott.

St Mary, Ashfield Cum Thorpe, Suffolk

The interior of this church had been gutted though there were chairs and an organ at the altar end.

Edward Abbott was born in about 1848 at Monk Soham, Suffolk and died on February 6th 1917 aged 70. He was Claire's Great Great Grandfather on her maternal side.

Lucy Hannah Abbott (nee Gyford) was born at Bedfield, Suffolk in September 1850 and died on 31st October 1939. She was Claire's Great Great Grandmother on her maternal side.

Halsey Abbott was the son of Edward and Lucy Abbott. He won the Military Medal and served in the RFA as a Sergeant Major. He was born in 1880 and died on 10th September 1929 aged 49 in London. He was Claire's Great Great Uncle.

St Peter, Monk Soham, Suffolk

We had to walk across fields to get to this church. There were cultivated vegetable patches in the churchyard, and evidence of a lot of rabbits.

John Abbott was the father of Edward Abbott and so was Claire's Great Great Great Grandfather on her maternal side. He was born in Monk Soham on 20th May 1821 and died on 24th August 1875. He married Eliza Hayes.

St Nicholas, Bedfield, Suffolk

Mary Ann Gyford (nee Stammers) was born in 1827 in Surrey and died on 14th March 1905. She was Claire's Great Great Great Grandmother on the maternal side.

Samuel Gyford was born on 25 April 1824 and died on 29 July 1871. He was Claire's Great-great-great frandfather and the husband of Mary Ann Gyford. They were the parents of Lucy Hannah Abbott, whose grave is at Ashfied Cum Thorpe.

This may be an early marker for the grave of Anne Maria Gyford.

Anna Maria Gyford was the fourth daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Gyford. She was born in 1860 and died on December 25th 1870. She was the younger sister of Lucy Hannah.

This may be another early marker for the grave of Mary Ann Gyford (see above)

Martin Nicholson - Daventry, United Kingdom.

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