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We visited Tombstone during a coach tour of Arizona and New Mexico in 2013. Of course we took the opportunity to visit some famous graveyards!

Joseph Ziegler - murdered in 1882.

Ben Olleney - shot by Chacon.

May Doody - died of Diphtheria in 1881.

John King - committed suicide in 1881.

Holo Lucero - killed by Indians in 1882.

Rook - shot by a Chinaman.

Seymour Dye - killed by Indians in 1882.

Teamster - killed by Apaches in 1881.

Bill Delaney - hanged in 1884.

Tex Howard - hanged in 1884.

Dan Doyd, Red Sample, Tex Howard, Bill Delaney and Dan Kelly - legally hanged in March 1884.

John Heath - lynched by Bisbee Mob in February 1884.

Jasper Von - shot in 1882.

Kansas Kid - killed in a stampede.

Delia William - committed suicide in 1881.

Daniel Owyer - drowned in 1881.

Six-shooted Jim - shot by Burt Alvord in 1885.

Mrs Ah Lum (China Mary) - died in 1906 aged 67.

Two Chinese.

Mike Noonan - killed by Indians in 1888.

Stinging Lizard - shot by Cherokee Hall.

Killeen - shot by Frank Leslie.

Van Houten - murdered in 1879.

Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury and Tom McLaury - murdered in 1881.

Frank McLaury - killed October 26th 1881.

Tom McLaury - killed October 26th 1881.

Billy Clanton - killed October 26th 1881.

Dutch Annie - 1883.

M. E. Kellogg - died a natural death in 1882.

Mead - a sudden death in 1881.

Unknown - found in an abandoned mine in 1882.

Rodriguez - stabbed in 1882.

Newman Haynes "Old Man Clinton" - killed August 1881.


Rosario Cemetery - we walked here from the plaza despite the heat - what dedication!

Aged 109.

Aged 103.

A memorial to a Los Angeles Lakers supporter.

The Santa Fe National Cemetery is next door to the Rosario Cemetery.


This cemetery was only a short distance from the centre of town so we walked here rather than doing any more shopping.

Kit Carson was a American frontiersman and Indian fighter who became a General without being able to read or write.

This is the first grave we have seen of somebody who was born on the Azores.

Martin Nicholson - Daventry, United Kingdom.

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